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Priscilla Adams, known as Priscilla A. may be a little lady, but she has big dreams.  Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, she always dreamed of becoming an actress but God had so much more in store.


She is an accomplished filmmaker, who has already had the pleasure of seeing her stories on the silver screen.


She is on a course to make films that bring awareness to issues that face our world today, in an entertaining and provocative format, reaching beyond your visual, beyond your mind, to your soul.

Her film projects include Fate’s Reunion, When I Needed You, and her award winning films Reunited, and High School Honeys.  Reunited secured a global distribution deal with Maverick Entertainment and is available on Amazon Prime, Vudu, Tubi, Pluto, and many more....

Writer - Producer - Actress

Film Reels


Selected as a Juried Shreveport Regional Roster Artist

2018 Fellowship Award Winner -City of Shreveport

Community Achievement Award Recipient

Award Winning Filmmaker

bb laurel 2015 white.png

2012 PVIFF Filmmaker of the Year

Dallas Black Film Festival Selection - High School Honeys

Award of Merit , Award of Excellence Reunited


Are you looking for fresh new content?  As a natural born writer Priscilla A can visualize and create characters, and stories that fit what you are looking for. You can also request info for content she has available for licensing and distribution now.  

Feature Film Scripts


High School Honeys

Genre:  Teenage Romantic Drama

Logline: Highschool sweethearts torn apart. Jasmine is Dewayne’s first love, but not his only love and that comes back to haunt him when he finds out he is HIV positive and may have transmitted it to Jasmine who is also pregnant with his baby. 



Crossing the Thin Line

Genre:  Dramatic Thriller

Logline: Love and Hate are two sides of the same coin. Michelle realizes her marriage is a lie when she finds out her husband has given her HIV.  Engulfed in pain and anger, she devises a plan to ruin his life like he ruined hers.  With her gangsta girls by her side, she crosses the thin line……...



Love at First Christmas

Genre: Holiday Drama with Faith Inspired Elements 

Logline: An Answered Prayer for Christmas. Feeling depressed and discouraged Krystal prays for a husband.  Surprisingly as Christmas approaches, she finds herself with three potential candidates, but which one is the answer to her prayer.  

Broadcast Video Camera

​Can be adapted to an Episodic Series









The ten stories of Our Abiding Heritage are adventures that will take you to places you have never been. They are as diverse in technique and theme as our previous years’ writings; nevertheless, they are united in the fact that a heritage element is common. We invite you to take notice of the techniques used by this array of talented authors to weave those heritage-related appearances into their stories.

C.D. Sutherland’s Enough takes you to Golgotha and the crucifixion of Christ as witnessed through the eyes of Stephanus Longinus, a young Roman soldier. Priscilla Adams’ debut short story, Generational Curse, drops you into the chaos of a fast-paced love affair, where the soon-to-be bride discovers her fiancé’s family curse. Jann Franklin’s The Backup Beauty Queen pulls you into small-town Louisiana festival culture, where family, enthusiasm, and talent collide with laughter. Marguerite Martin Gray’s The Thread Uncovered examines a tendril through Sophie Lucy Marteen’s life, revealing how family relationships do not always require blood ties. Carole Lehr Johnson’s Heritage of Hope takes you to seventeenth-century England to show how Melior Olford, a character in her 2022 release, The Burning Sands, came to be married to Radigan Atwood. Beverly Flanders’ Katherine's Table plunges you into a mystery as a family heirloom reveals its secrets to Katie and her cousin Laura. Tina Ann Middleton’s Lord of Time places you on a time-traveling adventure where a good-intentioned man named Chad strives to rescue Jesus from the cross. Should he succeed, what would be the ramifications of that? Calvin Hubbard’s debut fiction, The Handoff, takes you on Tom’s nostalgic journey where he realizes specific events from key players in his life gave him precisely what he needed to run the race set before him. Mary Lou Cheatham’s Crossing Cohay Branch ventures into the recesses of a childhood memory, generating as many questions as it answers. Finally, Susan Hiers Foster’s Out of the Dark follows an author’s quest for inspiration in Maine, where she meets a famous author who needs something from her.

Release Date: TBD

10% of each book sold will be donated to American Christian Fiction Writers, Shreveport Chapter, and Local Churches. 


To discuss hiring Priscilla A as a writer or producer related position, fill out the contact form or call.  

Broadcast Video Camera


Shreveport Times Fellowship Award Jan 26, 2018


Shreveport Magazine  Fall 2017  /  EAP/BRF Pioneer Spirit


BRF –EAP  Celebrates 3 Years  (Wall of Fame)


Shreveport Times April 23, 2017 by Maggie Martin


NBC6-KTAL Int with Jacque Jovic April 21, 2017

ArkLaTex Homepage Dec 16, 2016 Meet & Greet at Holiday Inn

Dallas Examiner Dec 19, 2016


Shreveport Times by Tori Ladd Nov 3, 2016


KSLA NEWS 12 Feb 7, 2014


Dallas Examiner June 10, 2013

Dallas Morning News  August 29, 2012, Norma Adams-Wade


Shreveport Times  Fri Sept 14, 2012

Film set to premiere Saturday at Sci-Port


Star News Fall Issue 2012

Photos and special mention at Hollywood South Film Festival.


Shreveport Sun vol 92, no 43 Aug 30, 2012  Ron Collins Jr.

Local Produces Film to Raise Awareness about HIV/AIDS


Dallas Examiner (Front Page) Oct 20, 2011 by LaShonda Cooks

(Excerpt) Emotion Packed Film Captures Life After HIV



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