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Our writers and producers will work with you to create a script with visual graphics and video from scratch. If you prefer, we can use current video and photos that you have or a combination of the two. This 30 or 60 second video can showcase your business or cause and highlight events you participate in or sponsor.


Let’s introduce your potential clients to you! This short 30 second video is a great way to show people who you are and tell them a little bit about yourself so that they can get to know you. One shot, quick, easy and casual.


This is our most customizable video. It ranges from sixty seconds to three minutes. Use it to showcase your product, service or event. This video can include testimonials, interviews, and endorsements or whatever creative elements we think of.


Seven to fifteen minute dramatic narrative short film that is written specifically for your organization to tell a story to help people see an issue from your perspective. It gets people thinking, feeling and talking. It’s entertaining and people love watching movies! Have a Red Carpet Movie Screening and raise money and awareness.


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